3 Great Actionable SEO Strategies


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Make your website easy to use

“For small businesses, ensuring an optimized website is an ideal way to jumpstart SEO efforts. Small businesses should start by running a scan to analyze the technical aspects of their website to ensure the proper URL structure, site architecture, and page coding are in place. Online website scans are widely available, use a trusted source such as Manta to scan your website for errors. Use a template website builder to make user-friendly architecture easy to achieve. If drag and drop website builders prove intimidating, hire a marketing consultant to do it for you,” said Sara Oberst, VP of Marketing, Manta.

Use the right words and phrases

“Leave the industry jargon behind and think about how your customer would describe your product or service. When armed with the right keywords, small businesses can improve their rankings (where they show up on a Google search result). Owners can create a master keyword list by researching how their customers search for similar products, goods, and services,” said Oberst. “Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can help small businesses find the best keywords for their content. From there, business owners and/or marketing staff should work to create content (blog posts, new pages on the website) and add keywords where they’re appropriate and add value. A quick win is to use Google AdWords to purchase your company name in search. This way when customers search your company name your links are guaranteed to show up at the top of the page.”

Create compelling content

Content is king for small business owners aiming to drive more prospective customers to their websites. Everything from product pages to form fields to videos and testimonials are important for successful search strategies, so small businesses should offer a variety of content assets on their site. All content pieces should be appealing and descriptive so visitors have a clear sense of business offerings. Use photos and videos to visually show off products and tag those photos and videos with SEO keywords to boost visibility in search results. While crafting digital content, small business owners should ensure the content is relevant to their target customers and discoverable by search engines. The more your content can deliver on what people search for on Google, the more it will earn organic search traffic,” said Oberst.

Written by Kristina Knight

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