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We are foodies

So we were more than happy to take on the naming, branding, and menu design for the restaurant of the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes.
We were aware the cuisine would be contemporary American with influences from around the world.
 We originated the name “PASSPORT” to highlight the international culinary influences. We also came up with the tag “World Cuisines Uncovered”.

When designing the logo we played with passport book esque “stamps”.

The “O” turned into a plate. For the entire branding system we designed more stamps with significant dates and times meaningful to the Master Chef.

We wanted to create an impactful, unusual experience at every opportunity. The restaurant menu design is housed on hand cut masonite boards. A unexpected solution to suit the need of the restaurants main menu changing seasonally. To facilitate the menu pages being easily switched out- we ordered rare custom clip hardware that was hand mounted to the top of the boards.
We knew the specials would change out DAILY.
We were familiar with restaurants that just print a special sheet out (as an after thought). G.E.T.’s menu design features a vellum overlay paper with daily specials printed on it. This sheet lays on the top of the menu pages and the transparency of the paper creates a passport book texture and helps the “special features” list look cohesive within the overall restaurant design.
We wanted to G.E.T. creative with the verbiage, and keep the menu theme “travel” based. On pages specialty die cut, and staggered in height for easy viewing order, we utilized these words in lieu of the traditional:
Itinerary = Restaurant Mission, and Amuse-bouche Selections
Arrival = Appetizers
In Flight = Salads and Soups
Layover = Entrees
Departures = Desserts
We also created a design for comment cards, to capture patrons information and feedback.


“We have been very impressed by G.E.T.’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern culinary image we needed to sustain the international development of the restaurant”

– Mark

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