Enter_Travel_Get Em Tiger_Web_Design_Graphic_Design_Jacksonville_Florida_Creative_Design_Agency
Enter_Travel_Get Em Tiger_Web_Design_Graphic_Design_Jacksonville_Florida_Creative_Design_Agency

We have had such an amazing time working with our friends at EnterTravel on their new brand design and website launch.

For the Symbolism in the EnterTravel Agency logo design, we utilized a map location marker. What’s interesting about this particular logo conceptualization process, is the concept for the treatment came first (probably from our daydreaming about all the exotic locations these guys get to see daily)!

Creating a logo that can indicate “You Are Here” and showcasing a photo of Cuba, the Maldives, on set at a movie shoot in Australia, or on a concert tour in Paris became the design solution as a brand identification system.

The logo font pairing is clean and modern with a little edge (just like the company).

“What’s Your E.T.A.

(EnterTravel Agency)”

– Chaz

Get Em Tiger wanted to showcase lifestyle photos (duh) throughout the EnterTravel website. We took great care in selecting, coloring, and sweetening every visual in this website, keeping in mind it’s proximity to other images and how the photographs would flow together as a group. G.E.T. highlighted HERO images and video in the layout as anchors. Since image is the strongest sense, we strategically implemented a card based arrangement of information and images to cater to all end users.

To showcase EnterTravel’s experience in handling top talent in a tasteful way we created a client grid inspired loosely by JAY Z artwork. This solution was fun captivating way to quickly show E.T.A. handles a broad scope of specific travel needs.

Enter_Travel_Get Em Tiger_Web_Design_Graphic_Design_Jacksonville_Florida_Creative_Design_Agency

We also utilized the trendy website design element “long scrolling”. Placing all important information above the fold on a website is now a myth. Especially on mobile devices, websites with long scroll works amazing well from a user end standpoint (less clicks/ less load time).

Creating print collateral such as EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), is one of G.E.T.’s specialties. We are very design driven and this particular EPK was formatted to do double duty as a print out, but is also a digital file with chapter, map, phone number, and website links embedded. Sticking strictly to the branding guide a piece of this nature makes a great edition to a website and is great to email or snail mail new friends.    

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