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Ketchup, Mustard and BBQ

sauce surround the rebranding of the Jax-based food joint Charlie’s Diner. The rebrand was based around a conceptual exploration of historical and cultural references of Diners.

Charlie's diner branding and logo design hand illustrated Get em tiger web design Jacksonville florida

We designed a hero logo,

That is utilized for signage and main branding recognition.
that is utilized for signage and main branding recognition. Inspired by the restaurant’s eclectic retro interior and home cooked menu – Everything is made fresh and is a family recipe, so a skillet signifies the southern home cooked cuisine.

We developed a brand identity, and website for Charlie’s Diner that reflects the creative spirit and sensibilities of its owners, Peter and Vale. The logo’s organic lines and handwritten typography play between the modern and the vintage, building a timeless, iconic mark.

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Charlie's diner logo design Get em tiger web design Jacksonville florida

Coke and a Smile.

Inspired by vintage Coca-Cola (see the collection in the restaurant) here is another logo we utilized in the branding system for Charlie’s Diner.

The design carried over to a wall wrap which incorporated our logos, branding colors, and family photos. We incorporated some written typographic elements on the wrap that was written by us.

When building a website for Charlie’s Diner we wanted end users to be able to google “ Charlie’s Diner Jacksonville” and for the website to come up

When Googling (“Diner Jacksonville”) it comes up on the first page- and is still climbing up.

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Before Charlie’s- there were a few well received restaurants in the space Charlie’s Diner now lives in. So we had some “historic web presence” to clean up. We payed close attention to registering Charlie’s Diner with the right SEO aggregation companies.

We wrote copy (that isn’ t boring) in a creative cohesive voice.

“At Charlie’s Diner we offer breakfast, lunch and catering of good wholesome american comfort food.  Be sure to try Peter T’s famous BBQ, you can get a free whiff of it early in the morning as its rolling out of T’s southern pride smoker.”

For the menu design, rich colors are layered with a subtle aqueos uv, resulting in a casual, yet clean retro look perfect for this comfort food bistro. The typefaces chosen are incorporated in our branding standards.

Menu's Downloaded
“Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Cline played on juke box
 Charlie’s Diner was spending money on placemats & table coverings- but we determined that specialty made coasters would be a great opportunity to showcase the brand. The coaster design also functions similar to how a business card would- (except it’s more fun to take something home that a drink can rest on).
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