3m wrap materials Environmental Design
We had the opportunity to partner with Celebration to revamp their Green Room for their annual Awakening Conference.
Parameters for this project included all walls would be GREEN, the words “GREEN ROOM & Awakening THE REVIVAL” needed to be visible & the culture of Celebration needed to be showcased.

Our original mock up utilized three new environmental design strategies:

1- Not covering the entire wall with custom designed wrap helped keep costs low.

2- We utilized cut out hexagon shapes in varying sizes and transparencies to help fill in negative spaces and add depth to the design by overlapping.

3- We were the first to utilize photography printed on CLEAR adhesive 3M material so the paint colors of the wall would show through and create an organic unity.

Services Received

Graphic Design

The team over at CORR  did an outstanding print job & really did some AMAZING, successful research with 3M to find the proper material to print on, that would facilitate multiple overlapping to achieve varying transparencies AND come off without wall damage. The end result was precise to the preliminary consulting sketches.

This also resulted in 3M wanting to film our process for research.

Outlets and door frames needed “torched” so the wrap would shrink/ adhere tight and clean with no wrinkles in the design.

“Working with Get Em’ Tiger is like Strawberry beer, Sweet – Aaron

Environmental Design celebration church 3m Get em tiger web design Jacksonville florida

Actual finished design photo. Yes that’s the real photo (looks just like the initial mock up design).

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