Why Your Online Reputation Matters

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In today’s tech-savvy world, your online reputation is a digital blueprint of your personal and professional endeavors; a longstanding impression that is accessible to the world. It’s no wonder so many people carefully curate their social media profiles!

Your digital reality has become an authoritative representation of your failures and accomplishments. Yet, for many individuals, their online presence fails to provide authentic insight into who they truly are. This can hinder your ability to stand out from the crowd, which is especially important when you’re on the job hunt or are trying to establish your brand.

OK, So My Online Reputation Is Important. Now What?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always about what YOU put out there; it’s also about what others put out there about you. From defamatory content, negative reviews, and inaccurate claims, individuals are often at the mercy of their digital reputation and fall victim to false characterizations of themselves or their business.

Given the permanence of your digital reputation, is there a way to influence how others perceive you?

The answer is yes. Whether you are an individual experiencing online bullying or a business haunted by poor customer reviews, your online presence does not have to be a distorted version of the truth. Listed are several reasons why your online reputation matters and how you can use it to your advantage:

A Competitive Advantage: Personally And Professionally

With a large percentage of consumers making online purchases, digital visibility is vital for businesses to make a substantial profit. According to recent surveys, approximately 85% of individuals trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and over 50% of online sales are lost when visitors cannot locate relevant information. Therefore, if you do not have a presence online, your competitors are serving customers that could easily be yours! Strategically finding ways to enhance your online presence builds authority, draws in prospective clients, and increases conversion rates.

Similarly, it is not only businesses that benefit from monitoring their online reputation. Hiring professionals also utilize Google to assess potential job candidates. If your potential employer searches your name and finds a criminal record or an unflattering slander blog, your first impression will not be a good one. For those of us who don’t have any negative content associated with our names, the absence of positive content does not leave a good impression either. Employers are looking for insight into your stellar abilities, unique qualifications, and professional accomplishments. Paying close attention to what content is associated with your name can land you one step ahead of the rest!

It Builds Trust And Identifies Your Values

Your presence across a multitude of digital channels has the power to build trust between your business and consumers. Social platforms can be used to your advantage, as it is an effective way to build a brand image and showcase the integrity of your business. Allowing consumers to engage with online content instills them with a sense of confidence in your experience and expertise.

Transparency is a crucial factor when building a solid foundation for your company and client base. In many instances, it can be as minor as a single review that jeopardizes a company’s credibility. Using digital platforms to address poor reviews will ensure that your positive content will outweigh any negatives associated with your products or services. Think about all those viral clap-back tweets by businesses like Wendy’s, where they turned an unfortunate customer complaint into some light-hearted entertainment. Of course, not all of us can get away with this approach.

Take Back The Power Of How Others Perceive You

A negative online reputation is not the end of your professional career or business. You have the power to transform search results.

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