Top tips for marketing your startup on social media

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An effective social media presence can definitely help and encourage lasting relationships with existing and potential clients. By using social media for your start-up business, you are actively going in the right direction for positive customer service, and gaining that all-important feedback which can put your company way ahead of the game. As a startup you should really be researching the best possible social media process for your company, however, there are a few tips that can apply to any start-up company with regards to social media presence and success. So, here are a few of these all important social media tips which we think will help your company grow into what you inspire it to be.

Create a social media strategy before planning profile content

Before you start choosing your channels you should think of your goals and objectives for the company, looking at how social media would help achieve those goals. Also it’s a good idea to start thinking of your target audience before you create any social media platforms, and what kind of company you would like to be portrayed as on social media. Can you see your brand going for a no-nonsense, practical approach to social messaging, or would you prefer an easy-going presence?

Choose the right social networks for your company

Even though Facebook has over a billion users, if your target market isn’t included in their user base, then it’s probably not the right social network for you. There are more pointers to consider whilst choosing a network than their user base such as, the location of your business, the target age of your audience, and the nature of your brand.

Save money by using social media

Having an open line with your clients and existing clients is important. Your response to comments and suggestions is also a service which can have an impact on your budding reputation. It is also a very cost effective solution, as your customer support representative can act as your social media manager and social media profiles don’t cost money to set up.

Written by Abi Moses

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