15 Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

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With most of the businesses from all over the world investing in social media marketing campaigns, it is really becoming a lot difficult to get your voice heard, especially with all the noise surrounding you. The competition is as high as it can be and for social media marketers to have a chance at succeeding, they have to really work smartly, diligently and most of all, patiently.

There are a lot of tips passed around the internet that claim to help you enhance your social media marketing campaign. And if I were to choose the very best among them, these 15 tips take the cake:

1-Set A Solid Goal:
There must be some reason that inspired you to do social media marketing for your business. What is that reason? Do you want more brand awareness? Do you want to build and online community for your brand? If you are here just because other competitors are doing the same and you don’t actually have a set goal, stop right there. You can’t succeed with that mind set.

2-Choose Your Channels Carefully:
It must be really compelling to create a profile on every social media platform there is like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. But it does not actually get you anywhere! You need to think carefully about the nature of your brand and choose which social media network will best suit your needs in terms of use and audience. If it’s your first social media channel, it should be either Facebook or Twitter, whichever suits you best. And then after some time, you can add another one to the mix.

Almost every social media platform offers a set of statistics that show you how much your brand has grown. You can also determine what works and what does not work for your brand in terms of social media engagement. Just keep an eye on the analytics and that should help you make good decisions about the direction that your social media marketing campaign need to take in order to succeed.

4-Optimal Time For Posts:
Depending on your business niche and geographical location, optimal time that should get the most engagement for your posts may vary. Your followers could be from all over the world and if that’s the case, you have to consider different time zones as well. As for days, weekends are when people use social media platforms the most. So, consider those things and then figure out the best time for posting on social media platforms so that your posts don’t just disappear into thin air due to lack of engagement.

5-Be Socially Active:
The whole point of social media platforms is being social with people. If you just talk about yourself to your followers and then just sit back and do nothing to interact with them as they comment, your social media marketing campaign will die in a very short time. So, take the time to interact with your followers and build loyalty, so that you could be in this game for the long run.

6-Visual Marketing:
Visual marketing has become more and more trending in the past few years. You hardly see any Facebook post without an image in it now. Use attractive, interesting and engaging images to get your followers to give you some kind of feedback.

7-Video Marketing:

Now, I know this is included in visual marketing but with video marketing becoming so much popular, it deserved a separate point. Seriously, the rate at which the trend of video marketing has been growing for the past couple of years is mind boggling! It is essential now that you use high quality and good content videos in your social media marketing campaigns whenever you can.

8-Make Your Followers Feel Special:
People love it when brands make them feel special and appreciated. You can do that by offering discounts and prizes that are exclusive to your followers only. This way more and more people will follow your brand and engage with it.

9-Don’t Post The Same Thing On Every Platform:
With so many people using social media dashboards now to schedule their posts to different platforms, it’s easy to just post the same thing on multiple networks. But that will not help you in your social media marketing. Each and every platform is unique and the audiences on each one of them are unique too. You can’t just post one thing to different age groups and expect the same response.

10-Don’t Be Personal:
You must be thinking this is ridiculous, social media platforms require personal touch. And I agree! There is no harm in posting behind the scenes of your brand, staff birthdays, office photos or even an occasional selfie. But what is not okay is that you post your personal opinions about issues that do not involve your brand. Do not get carried away as it will be really harmful to your brand’s reputation.

11-Engage With Influencers:
This is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Find out who the influences in your niche are and then engage with their posts, comment, share and do whatever needs to be done to build a positive relationship. It will really help you increase your audience.

12-Deal With Trolls:
If your business is going successfully, there are bound to be a few negative and abusive comments every now and then. How you act on them will really determine who you are as a person. Sometimes they should be replied to with politeness to assure them that you are doing something to resolve their issue; Sometimes you need to remove the comments and sometimes, if the person is a real troll, you need to block that person. But do not ever respond to negative comments with rudeness. That will be lethal to your brand.

13-Describe What Your Share:
Every now and then, you come across a post that you really like and you want to share it with your followers. When you do that, don’t just share that posts or retweet it, add a little comment on top of it too so that your followers could understand why you shared that post. It will increase your authenticity with your followers.

14-Share Your Blog Posts:
If you have a website or a blog, when you post something there, share the link to your followers on social media platforms immediately as well. It will direct traffic to your website or blog and as a result, your rank will go up in Google search engine results.

15-Follow The Rules:
Every social media platform has rules about what it will or will not allow on their network. Some things are understood that they should not be posted on any social media website but some things are not so apparent. For example, Facebook contest guidelines keep changing and you need to be up to date with what are the latest changes before you run a contest.

So, there you go. These are the top pickings among the hundreds of different tips and tricks for social media marketing strategies and they will surely help you in achieving your goals in social media marketing.


Written by Alex Neil

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