10 Tips For Growing Your Influence On Social Media

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Anybody can create a social media presence. All you have to do is create accounts on a couple of social media channels and start sharing posts. If you’re relentless, you can create a big footprint simply based on volume alone.

However, if you’re focusing on presence, you’re missing the point. Just because your posts make their way down lots of newsfeeds or your list of followers is growing doesn’t prove that you hold much sway in your industry. It doesn’t mean that you’re an influencer yet. An influencer has amazing bonds with their followers, earns conversions, make people listen intently and can create change within their industries.

Here are 10 tips from millennial social media influencers to help you become one.

1. Blow people away with your content all the time

“Think about the best bloggers that you follow, the ones who really make their mark, and who get people to listen to them. What you will notice is that they simply don’t publish bad posts. Mediocrity isn’t an option for them. There is no putting up a sloppy post because they are busy. Every post is well-written, insightful, and helpful.” – Edward James, Search Marketing Specialist at Go Up.

2. Share data backed opinions and make predictions

“People who have earned influence on social media readily share their opinions. However, what they do in addition to simply spouting off is that they use data to back up their ideas or position. One example of this is Neil Patel. He is regarded as one of the most influential voices in social media, analytics and content marketing. He makes predictions and openly shares his opinions in posts full of charts, graphs and statistics.” – DJ Sprague, CMO of JD Byrider.

3. Keep tabs on yourself

“There are a few ways to gauge how you are seen by others online. The first is to simply set up Google Alerts for yourself, your business, and any URLs that you are associated with. This will let you know when you are mentioned and in what context. In addition to this, you should use Klout and Kred. This will give you some concrete insights into the amount of influence that you have on social media.” – Alexandr Kraminsky, CEO of Prestige Barbers.

4. Build relationships with other influencers

“Who can you get to take your phone call, answer your Facebook message, or write a guest post for your blog? If your honest answer is, ‘nobody of note’, you have some work to do. Start networking with other influencers in your industry by first being of assistance. Don’t simply try to be well networked, go all out to be helpful. You’ll get many miles further.” – Corey Leonard, CEO of StriveLending.

5. Make your mark off of social media

“You cannot become influential on social media by spending all of your time on social media. Write for industry publications. Grow your business. Speak at industry events! Otherwise, you’ll just be social media famous for being social media famous.” – Moe Davis Hamade, CEO of BlackNote.

6. Initiate more conversations

“You can grow your social networks by finding trending conversations and joining them. However, it is the influencers that start those conversations. One way to do this is to come up with something really big to say, then create an awesome hashtag. This way, people on Twitter will start looking for your conversations.” – Jody Pearmain, CEO of MyKeyManInsurance.

7. Don’t back away from controversy but avoid drama

“Influencers aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They’re also not afraid to confront others with their disagreements. All you have to do is follow some of the most well-known CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and your industry leaders on Twitter. They aren’t afraid to post strong opinions on politics, business, and social issues. They tweet at each other and write one another open letters, and that’s OK. What’s not is to engage in dramatics.” – Lia Mendoza, CEO of CruiseNewPortBeach.

8. Speak about your accomplishments

“Growing your influence on social media isn’t about popularity. It’s about convincing others of your qualifications, and getting them to see you as a thought leader. There’s no way around it, this means making your accomplishments known. If you win an award, exceed some amazing sales goal, launch a new product line, or accomplish something else noteworthy, make it known. It will give people reason to see you as an influencer.” – Peter King, CEO of Mamma.

9. Create and maintain a voice

“Influencers are great at personal branding. Part of this is creating a persona and having a voice that remains consistent. It may seem like a small thing, but there is something to say about having your words be instantly recognizable.” Dmitry Epelboym, CEO of CosmeticDentistryCenter.

10. Get really personal

“Look at popular and influential bloggers like Dan Pearce, Pat Flynn and Jenny Lawson. They’re well known for posting some gut wrenchingly personal stuff on business, mental illness, divorce, self-esteem, and a variety of issues. If you want to become a social media superstar, embrace vulnerability and share really personal stuff that people can resonate with and learn from.” – Zoriy Birenboym, CEO of eAutoLease.

Written by Jimmy Rohampton

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