Brucci’s is one of our favorite clients (cause they feed us delicious calzones)!  What separates Brucci’s from other pizza restaurants is the guest experience. You are treated like family, and the food is homemade amazingness (not some flown in frozen stuff)! That being said, the website needed to not only highlight Brucci’s food but be very fresh and user friendly. 60% of viewers browsing a restaurants site, are doing so from a mobile device. Get Em Tiger created a responsive site where viewers can order online from any location they want. We brought the cuisine front and center. With carefully shot photos that showcase how the food is made and what the dishes look like once they are plated. We implemented a full screen slide show of some of our favorite foods. Features and favorites are highlighted and listed – another tactic useful in driving more hungry customers through the door. Social media is also accessed very easily and feeds into the site, so Brucci’s site is always fresh.

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