3 Steps To Define Your Brand

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Although a logo is a cornerstone for a company, your brand is more than just a logo. Your brand tells consumers what they can expect from your services & product.

It should differentiate you from your competitors & attract your perfect demographic.

 1-  G.E.T. to know your demographic.

You can appeal to SOMEONE but not EVERYONE.

Who is the ideal client you are trying to attract? How much do they make a year? How old are they? Are they Male? Female? Single? If you can create the perfect image of who you are trying to reach, you can create a great branding to attract them. If you are not intentional and specific, the client you attract won’t be a specific either, and your qualification process will be much more time consuming.


2- G.E.T. a great logo & branding standards.

Your logo should instantly let people know what you do.

It should also be versatile. Logos should be able to fit as a solid black version on a pen, or be blown up billboard size and still look great.

Place the logo EVERYWHERE.

Utilize the same color schemes, look & feel throughout.

Consistency is key.


3- G.E.T. a mission statement & develop your company voice.

Whats the key message you want people to remember you by? Do all of your employees know your mission statement & voice?

Your voice should be cohesive in all written, visual, & verbal communication.

If your brand is quirky = use humor

friendly = be approachable, conversational

A little HAUTE = be formal


This rule applies to answering the phone, email signatures, social media etc.

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