The redesign for BHFF kicked off by updating the logo. The original logo was designed by the same designer that created the brand for Heinz Ketchup. There were brand origins and design principles within the (original) Beverly Hills Film Festival Logo that we wanted to respect. One of the elements within the design was an olive branch (victory). Taking the brand back to modernized roots, we updated the lines of the branch, and decided on a modern san-serif typeface. We have worked with film festivals before, but we needed to do some R&D on updates that have taken place in the current years with Festival platforms for submissions and scheduling. Get Em’ Tiger spent a lot of time analyzing the BHFF website other film festival websites. We didn’t want the Beverly Hills Film Festival site to just be a better looking version of the current site. We wanted to add features to improve global user’s experience of the website. After analysis, we defined the framework of the redesign. We created several different layouts to determine the best ways for users to digest content. The result? Ticket sales and submissions increased. Beverly Hills Film Festival has historical and modern content archives to share. Their content is not limited to video platform, but they have articles that often go viral. The blog was a component that we took much effort on. Posts have ultimate flexibility and easy social media sharing for the end user.

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