E-Commerce: The Importance of a Great Web Design

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A great website for an eCommerce business can ultimately act as an effective physical shop. Realistically, a good website can be all you need to hit those sales targets. However, designing one is by no means easy, which is why many businesses hire a web design firms, like us, in order to get a professional and personalized take on their ideas.

Here at Mobo we understand that investing in a website is a good move to make to ensure a successful business. It is for that purpose we’ve put together some of the top reasons why good web design is of great importance to e-commerce.

First impressions count

Well designed websites always make a good impression to prospective customers. Absolutely every individual that ends up on your website could be a future customer and so it’s very important to come across as professional and direct to the point. Think of it this way, would you go into a shop that looked messy and unorganized? Probably not. But if you were to walk past an attractive shop with welcoming staff and a clear display, you might be tempted to have a browse.

Easy identification

If you have a website that is clean and well put-together it will help customers identify what you are trying to sell straight away. Additionally, users should be able to tell what you offer just by your website address. Below we’ve put together a few useful tips for you to help your users identify what your company does:

  1. Descriptive product information
  2. Detailed product names
  3. Videos of products
  4. Product images of high quality

Engages with the users

Your website is all about user experience and driving sales. Therefore, it is important that you make your website user-friendly. The best sites guide users from start to finish. The last thing you want is for your guest to give up because they can’t find what they are looking for. To avoid this, you should make sure everything is easily accessible and includes detailed product pages.

Converts guests to clients

Of course, this is the reason why you decided to have a website in the first place, although you should use all of the tips above to guarantee that every user has a successful experience on your site and you gain an extra customer at the end of it.

There are so many competitors online, so it certainly helps if your company has a great website that stands out from the crowd!

Written by Abi Moses

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